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A day in the life of a...
Football Coach

A day in a life of a Football Coach
Each day coaching football is different. Time is always spent planning sessions designed to motivate and help your players improve. The best part of a day however is always coaching a session or coaching in a game. Whether you are coaching young players learning the fundamentals of the game, talented youngsters, or adult players, the best part of the day is coaching. Despite this watching football games live or on the TV isn't too bad either!

3 great things about being a Football Coach


1. Playing a part in helping players and teams improve
2. Thinking of ways to make training different and interesting
3. Planning strategies and tactics for matches


Qualifications recommended you gain

Although nothing beats gaining as much time as possible actually coaching I also think a committed coach will look to gain relevant coaching qualifications. This should be football coaching qualifications across the many forms of football (e.g. 11-a-side, futsal, street soccer) as well as gaining coaching qualifications in other sports. Qualifications in aspects like psychology, injury prevention and skill acquisition will also expand the coach's understanding of players and the game. Much of the above may be part of a sports coaching degree and although a coach doesn't need a degree it does demonstrate their investment in their own progression and learning.


3 opportunities and experiences you recommend people gain?
1. Observe as many coaches as you can
2. Read lots
3. Know why you are coaching and know why your players play the game
Salary range?
The majority of football coaches are volunteers whilst coaches in the Premier League earn lots of money! 



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