PE Teacher

Tony Macfadyen

Tony Macfadyen

BA (Hons) Human
Movement Studies; PGCE

The University of Reading

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A day in the life of a...
PE Teacher

Job Description
A PE teacher is responsible for planning, teaching and tutoring students in a school setting. They teach a range of different sports and provide young people with an opportunity to develop and improve their social and physical skills.

A day in a life of a PE teacher
Teaching is a very busy, interactive, interesting and a fun profession to work in. It’s definitely never dull!

You teach PE lessons to 11-18 year olds and these also include examination PE classes. It does require lots of organisation, including organising after school clubs and fixtures. 

Time is also spent planning lessons and units of work as well as reflecting on the latest research in journals such as Physical Education Matters, and thinking through the latest initiatives and Government polices so they have maximum benefit for pupils.

3 great things about being a PE Teacher


1. Working with young people
2. Doing a job you love that is rewarding
3. Seeing young people grow and flourish
3 not so great things about being a PE teacher
1. All the paper work
2. Getting stuck in traffic on the way home from a fixture
3. Getting soaked in the rain while you teach outside


Qualifications recommended you gain

There are various routes into Physical Education teaching. Try and do GCSE PE and post 16 qualifications that are relevant (A level PE; BTEC Sport; have a look at the new Sport and Active Leisure Diploma starting 2010). You can then do a B.Ed in Physical Education or a relevant undergraduate degree followed by a PGCE or GTP course. If you take the latter route, which is better financially, try and pick a sports degree that is closely related to PE, such as BA Physical Education or BA Sports Coaching.

A sports science degree is less relevant. 


3 opportunities and experiences you recommend people gain?
1. Doing a year in a school before applying to do a PGCE / GTP is helpful (e.g. as a Cover supervisor or Learning Support Assistant)
2. Work as a Play worker / youth worker in your holidays, or Camp America to gain experience working with children
3. Find experiences where you can coach young people – perhaps at your local sports club
Salary Range 

Approx £21,000 to £34,000 (without London weighting)



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